Greg Hunter Memorial Fund Scholarship

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About the Scholarship

Following the murder of one of the organization’s patrollers Greg Hunter in August of 1990, the Patrol established and solicited public funds for a memorial educational fund to provide scholarship funds for college-aged patrollers, and other young men and women who have supported the patrol’s charitable and educational purposes.

The purpose of this patrol is facilitation of the rescue of and administration of first aid to injured persons; the education and training of the patrol members in first aid, tobogganing and other necessary skills; and the promotion of skiing safety and courtesy.

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The Sandia Peak Ski Patrol does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed or national origin in its membership, provision of services, or granting of educational assistance.


A letter may be used if it includes all of the information required in the Grant Application. Applications may be submitted by regular mail or email.


The Patrol does not solicit funds for particular individuals, nor does it distribute funds based on contributions received.


The scholarship committee will review applications and make all decisions about the disbursement from the fund. Decisions are normally made after the NM Ski Swap and announced at the On-the-Hill Refresher.


The statement of purpose was broadly worded to be able to include the patrol’s young adults, as well as others who support the patrol’s charitable and educational purposes.


Grants will be provided based on the availability of funds and the needs expressed by the applicants. Although no strict financial need requirements exist for the disbursement of these funds, the committee may consider financial need as part of their deliberations.


Each year the patrol solicits applications that are due no later than the completion of the NM Ski Swap. To apply for a grant from the Greg Hunter Memorial Scholarship Fund, a qualifying individual only needs to submit an application and essay, with letters from references to the Scholarship Administrator.


Funds will normally be disbursed directly to the educational institution for the benefit of the individual.